Interview – Giles King

Interview with performer Giles King, a long standing member of the Kneehigh Family who has performed with us over many years. His most recent shows include 946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips and Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs).

Video by Brett Harvey, 2015.

Patrycja Kujawska

Patrycja is a polish musician, dancer and actress who’s been a part of the Kneehigh family for over 7 years. Her first performance with us was in Don John and she’s since gone on to play parts such as Yseult in Tristan & Yseult and The Girl in The Red Shoes.



Patrycja studied violin at the Academy of Music in Poland. Before moving to UK she worked extensively with physical theatre company Dada von Bzdulow, City Theatre in Gdynia, and Non-Cabaret at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre.

She also danced in shows choreographed by Tatiana Baganova and Avi Kaiser.

Patrycja wrote music for dance solo Face, a short animated film and Soundtrack for the Sculptures inspired by work of sculptor Sabrina Gruss; and co-composed music for Vincent Dance Theatre’s Test Run and Motherland.

From 2008 she has worked with Kneehigh, shows include: Tristan & Yseult (UK and US Tours); Don John (co-production with RSC); Midnight’s Pumpkin, the critically acclaimed The Red Shoes, and The Wild Bride which toured USA (New York, San Francisco), Australia and New Zealand.

For Vincent Dance Theatre Patrycja has made and toured: Drop Dead Gorgeous (2001); Let The Mountains Lead You To Love (2003); Punch Drunk (2004); Broken Chords (2005); Fairy ?Tale (2006); Test Run (2006, 2008); If We Go On (2009) and Motherland (2012).

(September 2015).

What We Do – Cultural Tourism

Interview with Mike Shepherd, Paul Crewes, Emma Rice about Cornwall, cultural tourism and why we do what we do.

Video by Brett Harvey.


An interview with Paul Crewes, Chief Executive of Kneehigh, and Deborah Aydon, Executive Director of Liverpool’s Everyman + Playhouse. Paul and Deborah talk about how and why we co-produce shows, specifically talking about Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs).

Video by Brett Harvey.

Mike Shepherd

Mike Shepherd started Kneehigh in 1980 and has worked almost exclusively for the company ever since. Mike is an actor, director and teacher and has an ongoing preoccupation with the conditions of creativity. He is currently joint artistic director with Emma Rice.

As well as touring the world as a Kneehigh actor, Mike runs the Connections programme with Anna Maria Murphy, “engaging creatively with communities through event and adventure ”, and is a pioneer of Kneehigh’s transformable and transportable venue, the Asylum.

Recent shows as an actor include: The Wooden Frock, The Bacchae, The Red Shoes, Tristan and Yseult, Cymbeline, A Matter of Life and Death, Don John, Midnight’s Pumpkin, Steptoe and Son, 946 and the motion picture Anna Karenina.

As a director: Hansel and Gretel, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings (puppet version with Little Angel Theatre), and The Kneehigh Rambles (co-directed with Emma Rice). Mike is developed a new version of The Beggar’s Opera in 2014, called Dead Dog In A Suitcase (and other love songs) with composer and conductor, Charles Hazlewood, and Kneehigh stalwart, Carl Grose.

Interview with Mike, Carl and Charles – The Tin Drum

Director Mike Shepherd, Writer Carl Grose and Composer & Music Director Charles Hazlewood sit down to discuss The Tin Drum, just before the show opened in Liverpool at the Everyman Theatre.

Interview filmed at Liverpool Everyman by Carl Davies. Edited by Brett Harvey (2017)

Emma Rice, Mike Shepherd and Paul Crewes on 946


Our Artistic Director Mike Shepherd joins Director Emma Rice and Paul Crewes at the Wallis Annenberg Centre of Performing Arts in Beverly Hills to discuss the making of 946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips.

Interview filmed at & edited by The Wallis Annenberg Centre, 2017.